Do you often feel that...

  • You reach your limits in dealing with situations in which other people cause „problems“?
  • You are confronted with situations in which you have reasons against a „YES“ or also against a „NO“?
  • Do you find yourself „stuck on the ground“ in the dilemma of many decision-making reasons and options?


The truth is:

No client ever comes to coaching with a problem. Usually it is someone else who is causing problems and the client wants to know how to deal with it.
The „Gulliver“ syndrome keeps you down, lashed in thousands of fine threads of many reasons to say neither YES nor NO to a situation. Some of these threads may be your real concerns, but most may just be your assumptions.
This causes a feeling of helplessness. But helplessness is a state in which the probability of influencing an outcome is dramatically small.

Executive coaching increases leadership skills in order to master future challenges with your own resources. With this coaching, you are given tools to develop your own solutions. The coaching aims to broaden your perspectives, giving you more freedom in your thinking.


Increasing leader ship competence

Broadening the perspectives

Strengthening resources

Strengthening the solution orientation

Increasing sovereignty

For C-level executives: CEO, CFO, CXO and other leadership positions, executive coaching is ideally suited. Broadening perspectives is an essential element in the coaching process. Strengthening resources includes uncovering abilities and the targeted use of one’s own skills. This can already trigger positive development. At the same time, sovereignty in leadership action is expanded. In coaching, participants can develop their own solution options to broaden their scope of action. Looking at one’s own motives, roles and attitudes facilitates the ability to reflect. Executive coaching provides a good basis for coping with new leadership challenges. In executive coaching, participants learn how to master a wide range of challenges. Depending on the individual situation, such executive coaching can take a longer period of time.

Contact me or book an appointment for a non-binding initial meeting if you are interested in such a coaching. As an experienced executive coach, I can offer you the right coaching for your individual starting situation. 

Benefit for you

Executive coaching and the benefits

Executive coaching offers many advantages for managers. First and foremost, this includes feedback from an experienced coach and a clear view of one’s own situation. This coaching enables self-reflection in a protected space. In this way, wrong decisions can be avoided and the training enables new insights and options. Many plans can be played out without risk and evaluated by the coach.

The benefits at a glance:

  • honest feedback
  • Enables reflection on own situation
  • Wrong decisions are prevented
  • leads to new insights
  • Increases flexibility
  • improves stress management

Benefit from the advantages and book an executive coaching. Improve your leadership techniques and strategies and receive honest feedback. Take advantage of the opportunity for a free initial consultation to receive a customised coaching offer.

Executive coaching and the occasion

There is no single answer to the question of when executive coaching is particularly suitable. This is because such individual coaching always focuses on the individual starting situation. There are different occasions for this, such as promotion or taking on new projects. Upcoming change processes could also be a good reason for executive coaching.

Possible occasions:

  • Promotion, taking on new tasks
  • Change processes in the company
  • Changes at the management level
  • Differences with stakeholders
  • Excessive demands
  • Career planning
  • Mentoring
  • and other causes

The list is incomplete and can be supplemented based on the individual starting situation. Executive coaching is possible for almost any initial situation. I would be happy to advise you on the possibilities of executive coaching. Please feel free to contact me. 

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Let's talk:
Many questions are easier and quicker to clarify over the phone. Feel free to leave me your phone number and I will get back to you by phone.
Let's talk:
Many questions are easier and quicker to clarify over the phone. Feel free to leave me your phone number and I will get back to you by phone.