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Sensitize your professionals for efficient results in cooperation between German and Indian teams.

Economic interdependence is increasing between German and Indian businesses. Managers face new challenges. How to achieve successful outcomes despite cultural differences? Companies succeed if there is reliability, smooth and harmonious cooperation.

Being at home in both cultures, you can expect competent guidance and training for immediate implementation of strategies.

Individual. Distinctive. To the point.
For leadership personalities

With more than 35 years of experience at the board level in international corporations, I carry with me a large treasure of best practices. My education at various renowned institutions has helped me to develop reliable methods to transfer knowledge that is easy to implement without incubation time.

I invite you to read what some of the top industry leaders say about enhancing their success due to my coaching.

The Fundament

My knowledge and my experience for your sustainable success

The Gulliver’s Syndrome: How often have you experienced the feeling of being stuck in similar situations? Do you often experience that you are compelled to act with only one option at hand in conflicts? Do you often attribute undesireable outcomes of events to behaviours of others or perhaps inability to influence events? Or do you often find ‚good‘ reasons to not to say a ’no‘ to a situation and are convinced not to say a ‚yes‘ to it either? Non-reflective behaviour or complled reactions are the reason for  inertia, frustration and inner conflict combined with rejection of a current state.

Executive Coaching

for C-level leaders

My coaching method is based on scientific studies and I support you with my competencies to get you to think about your own thinking: self-reflection. This lets you discover the power of personal causation. You begin to influence events and behaviour of others consciously. 

Would you like to raise your intrinsic motivation to a new level, face challenging situations with more ease in the future and manage difficult complex decisions better with clarity?

As an expert in C-level challenges, I have been able to help more than 500 CXOs and about 2,200 other international leaders and managers. Read here how I can also support you with individual coaching.

Why Arun Kohli

How I can support you

Trained by the best of their kind in Germany

Lived in numerous countries and fluent in 8 languages

worked with people of different

Intercultural Training – with focus on Indian / German Teams

Cultural sensitisation creates effective cooperation without expensive surprises

With India’s increasing weight as an economic partner, India offers a vast pool of young well-educated specialists in many fields. An intercultural cooperation between the two people is becoming an inevitable strategy to resolve many critical issues in Germany and in India. Decision makers, managers, and employees alike can be empowered to navigate their cultural differences, to ensure successful and sustainable cooperation, while treating each other respectfully as equals who understand the needs of the business.

As a trainer certified in Germany (Master in Xpert-Cultural Communication Skills®) with Indian roots, I offer you the appropriate qualification and experience for sensitizing your employees for intercultural training, which as a result enables an immediate implementation. Contact me and benefit from customized solutions for your individual situation.

Personnel placement – with our offices in both countries is targeted at Germany - India

Acute shortage of skilled professionals in Germany - India is an ideal partner

Our own offices in India with professionals with decades of experiences and extensive network can secure professional and individual search for the right specialists for your company. As an intercultural partner at your side, I will gladly support you holistically from the search to the integration of your new Indian colleagues.

Enhance personal development through - LINC Personality Profiler (LPP) and Harrison Assessments

How does your job and your role match with your personality?

You can easily enhance your success by discovering what you should ideally develop to create more success in your job and in your life. Accredited for employee development at Harrison Assessments and as a certified Senior Coach & Trainer for LPP I use a special personality tests, with the approach of effective personality analysis and development based on the latest psychological standards. Together with my clients, I develop a very differentiated profile of their character traits, which are supplemented by motives („What drives me“) and competencies („Which skills are particularly suited to me“). The individual results enable a completely new, very deep look at one’s own personality and thus become – ideally in combination with training or coaching – the starting point for real, sustainable further development: Reflect. Understand. Grow.

In the corporate context, this holistic view of human personality can make entire teams more effective and help to select better-fitting applicants. As a result, these analyses offer an excellent basis for placing a company more concisely in the external image, because the awareness within the company of its own strengths – namely of each individual – and thus the dimensionality of the company’s work grows.

The Coach: Rational thinking merges with the wisdom of the East

PortraitA global citizen, Arun Kohli’s story starts on the busy streets of Delhi, India. After graduating from the prestigious University of Delhi, he reignited his love of learning and discovery. With a hunger for education and fluency in various languages, Arun set off on a life-altering voyage to Germany as the managing director for a US corporation when he was just 23 years old. In situations where many gave up, Arun gained fame for his innovative approach to difficult problems over his 35-year stellar career in the business world. His proficiency in multiple languages and his skill in navigating various formal and informal fields gave him an advantage in the boardrooms of global multinational corporations. Chinese, South Korean, Japanese, German, Italian, British, Sierra Leonean, Tunisian, and countless more countries and cultures were all stops on Arun’s professional journey. In 2010, Arun delved further into his already impressive profession by re-discovering his passion for writing, intercultural training, and executive coaching at the C-suite level. Arun has deftly moved into the roles of cultural sensitization trainer for large groups of managers, trusted mentor to C-suite executives, and published books, all the while continuing to coach top managers on their paths to success. 
He has both: the practical experience and the astute insight needed to carry out effective coaching at the board level. With his profound experience of coaching top management executives of various large corporations, combined with international experience and the qualification in Cultural Communication Skills® from the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, you have in me a competent partner for specialised executive coaching & intercultural training.

In addition to his aspiration to acquire new knowledge and develop himself further, he is certified for various, yet interlocking, topics and trained by the best in the German-speaking world. Entire companies benefit from these specific competencies. You can find out even more about his philosophy and background HERE.

Harrison Assessments accredited
Employee Development

LINC Institute certified
Senior Coach & Trainer
for Personality Profiler (LPP)

Certified by the Institute
for Cooperative Systems GmbH of the University of Hagen

Education in Executive Coaching of
Coach U Inc. International

Intercultural Trainer - Master's Degree in Xpert-Cultural Communication Skills®


Effective Coaching, and the Fallacy of Sustainable Change

The key to personal development

Do you want to find your own self-determined leadership style?

How to fundamentally improve your leadership style so that it has a fundamentally positive effect on employees is presented by the experienced leadership coach Arun Kohli in his book. You will learn why coaching works and what changes it can bring about.

Stefan Rau, a manager who is only as successful as he is diligent and ambitious, lives in the centre of Germany’s corporate scene. However, there is a deep-seated need for something greater than what is apparent. His journey up Kilimanjaro, where fate has entwined his path with a young guide, David, whose life is as steep as the mountain he climbs, is the result of this need.

Taking inspiration from David’s humility and feeling the weight of his difficulties, Stefan sets out to change his new friend’s life. David has a vision of a resort in Moshi, Tanzania, which offers hope for his family’s future. However, the dream soon turns into a nightmare as tragedy hits in the form of a horrible act.
Burdened with guilt and hypothetical questions, Stefan faces the terrible truth that his involvement might have had a disastrous consequence for the family. As he navigates the moral complexities of aid and its unforeseen repercussions, Stefan guides readers on a journey that explores the delicate balance between doing good deeds and causing harm, fostering hopes, and causing tragedies.
A moving story of adventure, camaraderie, resilience, and the inadvertent consequences of well-intentioned deeds.
Land to Die For is for anyone who has ever wondered how their decisions affect other people and may find a connection with this story. This book tells a compelling story of how someone’s good intentions may become tragic.


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