Stress management in companies


Stress cannot always be seen.

But what it does with us, we cannot ignore.

Because my focus is on top management and leadership, please let me start with a true story and share with you a case study from this top level.

A successful woman. Managing Director of the German branch of an international company. My client.

In a Personality Profiler analysis it came to light that my client’s main motivations are achievement and relationships. Looking deeper, she accepts many things in order to maintain or start a relationship. Her character traits showed a high willingness to compromise. In our conversation, this fact carried so much weight that she could not help but think and feel about this aspect before making the decision to take on new responsibilities, even though she had no more time capacities.

I know her supervisor in Holland – a very committed leader. He gave her more and more tasks, work and responsibility. She was not able to distance herself and to say no sometimes – and thus YES to herself

As far as I am allowed as a coach, I warned both actors – my client and her supervisor – not to overload themselves and to set such an unhealthy pace.

After 14 months, the client broke down and spent 7 weeks in inpatient treatment. Her personal relationship broke down and both were faced with a fact without answers.

Now I ask you: How much is your health and that of your staff worth to you?

Bye bye stress

Stress and how to manage it

The easy accessibility due to our excellent technological developments gives the impression that we need an answer to everything immediately and then also have to react immediately. This is true even in areas where it is not necessary, such as social opinions. Mix this with the situations where answers are urgently needed and you have a simple formula for causing stress. The number of tasks we are asked to do in a short time increases and the time available to us is diametrically reduced.

Then there is the problem of „urgency“ and the desire not to refuse new tasks and demands in order to appear cooperative and willing. Tasks and demands are not known to become less, but more with each passing day.

The problem with stress is that you can't see it.

If we ignore it for a long time, it will translate into very serious consequences and costs for those involved and their companies with stressful best practices.
Managing stress in the company is important for the wellbeing of employees. How can your company be if your employees are not healthy?

I would be happy to support you in your company to create a healthy climate in which employees and managers act joyfully and engaged and treat themselves and others mindfully. Get in touch with me and we can discuss how I can help you in your company.

You can send me a message via the contact form or book an appointment for a no-obligation initial consultation in my calendar. I look forward to supporting you and your employees in dealing with strain and stress in a healthier way or even avoiding it altogether.

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Many questions are easier and quicker to clarify over the phone. Feel free to leave me your phone number and I will get back to you by phone.
Let's talk:
Many questions are easier and quicker to clarify over the phone. Feel free to leave me your phone number and I will get back to you by phone.